Graphic design and printing of brochures, posters and conference material

ICV can provide the experience of graphic designers for better visibility of the message and the image of its beneficiaries.

Copy / printing services

From documentation to publications, we can help you cover all of your needs in terms of copies and print-outs for the conference.

Media and Press Relations

ICV is in close contact with local and international news organizations to provide the best media coverage possible. We can help you organize press conferences.

Website design and online registration Services

ICV offers an online conference registration service. We are also able to create a complete website for a conference. This service can also include pertinent statistical information for the organizations.

Online news service

We provide a complete online news service. It can include articles, reports, photos, videos, interviews or editorials. This material will at once serve for online publication and support material needs (e.g. CD-ROMs, paper publications, etc.).

Multimedia equipment and technical support

ICV can provide the latest multimedia equipment and technical supports.

Video Production

We can provide a continuous webcasting and web streaming service, and ensure a video recording.